About us

Thank you for your email.  Please note that Durham Cathedral Library is now closed for its relocation, and will remain closed until some time in March or April 2016.  E-mails will only be answered periodically until then, and it will not be possible to access library services during this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

For enquiries, e-mail library@durhamcathedral.co.uk, or telephone (0191) 386 2489


Durham Cathedral Library descends from the library of the monastery founded at Lindisfarne by St. Aidan in 635 AD.  It is the most complete in situ medieval library in the UK, with manuscripts dating from the 6th century.  The Library focuses on theology, church history and local studies, but is also rich in books on natural history and travel.

We also house the Archdeacon Sharp Library, a modern lending and reference library largely devoted to theology.

Membership of the Library is free to the public, the Cathedral community and members of Durham University.

We hope you enjoy this blog, researched and written by members of Library staff: please note that any opinions expressed are those of individual staff members, not of the Cathedral as a whole.  Whilst we endeavour to research with care, we apologise in advance for any historical inaccuracies which may occur in blog posts.

For further information on the Library, please see our web pages at http://www.durhamcathedral.co.uk/learning/the-cathedral-library; you can also follow us @BedesBooks on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bedesbooks



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